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Indoor Winter Activities For Kids

When snow is on the ground, children love having fun outdoors! They can spend countless hours playing in the snow, making snow forts out of snow piles, sledding and even ice skating in the driveway. The only challenge parents face during the cold months is figuring out what fun indoor winter activities for kids to come up with when the weather is too cold to head outside.

Little girl painting

Indoor Winter Activities For Kids

Here are some ideas for what to do on those very cold days.

Indoor fitness activities for kids

Indoor stairs

Kids need to use up their energy: help them do that.

Do you have stairs? See who can go up and down the stairs longer or faster.

No stairs? Do some stretching. It’ll help you too.

This chair aerobics DVD for kids looks like a lot of fun!

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Indoor gardening activities for kids

Who says gardening is only for outdoors? Have some indoor gardening fun with your children:

  • sprout some beans
  • create a worm farm
  • build a birdhouse
  • create a terrarium
  • start a windowsill herb garden

Kids Worm Farm Observation Kit SHIPPED WITH Live WormsKids Worm Farm Observation Kit SHIPPED WITH Live Worms

Fun easy art activities for kids

I don’t know any child that doesn’t love getting dirty with paint! There are lots of art projects you can work on with your children on cold or rainy days. Here are a few ideas: some for younger kids, and some for older ones.

  • use a can of shaving cream in a cooking tray. Give the kids some food coloring, and let them create art! So much fun!
  • create a mural with hand prints on your windows (it’s easy to clean)
  • try tissue paper painting
  • paint with leaves
  • create melting crayons art
  • string art

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Writing activities for kids

Writing might not sound like something children would want to do in their free time, unless you make it fun for them 😉

Here are some ways to make writing fun:

  • ask them to create a scavenger hunt for the family, with the clues on colored paper
  • story writing contest: give them a subject (or let them choose), and have them write a short story. Read the stories before (or after) dinner, and give out prizes.
  • suggest your child write their own book about a subject they love. You can later “publish” their book for posterity (there are lots of services where you can do this with)

Coloring activities for kids

Child having fun coloring

This might be one of the most fun activities for kids. Make sure you have a variety of coloring pages and coloring accessories.

Chalk Board Brief CaseChalk Board Brief Case

Other rainy day activities for children

Child reading game

  • Family reading – Cuddle on the couch and read a book to your child. Make it a special book, one that may be a little longer or more complex than what they are used to reading and hearing.
  • Break out a craft that has not been done before or has not been used in a while.  My kids and I had fun with Shrinky Dinks recently. I forgot how much fun those are.
  • Have your children put on a puppet show or skit.
  • Building with Legos or classic wooden blocks is always a hit around here.
  • Do a science experiment. You can make goop over and over again and experiment with quantities of ingredients to see how the outcome changes.
  • Turn the music up and dance that energy out.
  • Put together a puzzle: fun for the entire family, and it builds team spirit.

What do YOU do on those days when playing outside is not an option?

Winter days don't have to be stressful. Be prepared with a few indoor winter activities for kids, and enjoy a peaceful fun day indoors. #kidsactivities #kidsgames #FunForKids

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