Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega Kit

Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega Kit

Bendaroos are building sticks made of colored strings covered with a special wax. The Bendaroos 500 piece mega kit lets your child twist, bend and create different shapes comfortably and with ease. Using these toys, your child can create a 2 to 3 dimensional figure that can enhance his or her creativity. The Bendaroos come in various kinds that can be used in both playrooms and classrooms.

Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega Kit

Bendaroos 500 Piece Mega Kit Accolades

Bendaroos Mega Pack 500 PiecesBendaroos Mega Pack 500 PiecesMoms LOVE this toy because it offers lots of enjoyable features for their kids. Bendaroos was given Gold Seal award and it also got received praises from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, which is an independent reviewer of toys for children. They also pointed out that the versatility of this toy deserves the award. In addition, this toy earned Outstanding Product Award during the iParenting Media Awards. The Creative magazine for kids also featured Bendaroos as the “Best Choice Toy” in creative play class.

Bendaroos can provide both fun and learning. Aside from the enjoyment that children can experience with these toys, they can also discover new things using their imagination. These toys are easy to use and more durable than the other toys out there. There are a lot of things to do with Bendaroos, such as creating buildings, bridges, animals and a lot more. It can also be used as decorations and formed to make butterflies, circles and frames.

Bendaroos Building Sticks Features

There are 250 rainbow and neon colors to choose from and also includes 10 templates that are traceable: great for children ages 4 years and above. And since Bendaroos don’t leave stains, mess and glue on your glassware, you don’t need to worry about cleaning surfaces after the kids play.

The Bendaroos sticks don’t dry out, they’re easy to use, and they’re great for indoor play and hours of entertainment! Good for encouraging kids imagination and to practice problem solving. 

Help your child develop their creativity while enjoying these bendable, fascinating sticks.

Specialty Bendaroos

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Encourage creativity in your child with the Bendaroos 500 piece mega kit. Watch your child spend hours and hours of fun creating!

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