Night City Marble Run

A Clever Mechanical Puzzle for Kids and Adults, fun to build, exciting to play with!

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Night City Marble Run

An exciting project for kids and adults

Enjoy hours of excitement and hands-on activity while building this engineering marvel (all tools included)

Fun to build and great to play with

Build all sort of mechanical contraptions, turn the crank and watch them work their magic on the marbles

A clever 3D Puzzle for clever people

Challenge yourself with a stimulating 3D Puzzle which gets even more interesting once it's completed

Night City Marble Run

Customer Reviews

Hayden B.

October 16, 2022

I loved the challenge. There were some easy to assemble sections and some that required much more patience. I did end up almost breaking two pieces with my big thumbs. I suggest having a set of small needle nose pliers ready. Would definitely buy again. Also would be interested in a much bigger puzzle.

Jayce P.

April 21, 2022

I was excited about doing assembly and building up it. It was so great and kinda nice work. But a thing I am disappointed is easy to be broken, and about the order of assembly. Generally, it is great and good for people who love assemble modeling.

Caden C.

January 13, 2022

I really enjoyed putting this kit together , altho the pieces are very thin an fragile it definitely requires a lot of patients and care putting together . I found the use of needle nose pliers necessary to press many of the parts together to avoid breaking them . Even though they say no glue is needed , foresight tells me many of the parts will come loose before its completed , so I used small amounts of wood glue on most of the joints pressed together . Especially on the tracks an rails , wasn't necessary for the steel pins . Also needed glue on all the steps to keep the spiral track in place , once completed everything worked fine , works best on a level surface . Fun project if you take your time , but probably to fragile and complicated for younger children , some of the directions are a little vague and not quite clear .

Jasper B.

January 11, 2022

My child is nine years old, but he likes ROKR very much. This is his six ROKA. Although it is very challenging for him, he still enjoyed the process. Only one problem is some part is too easy to break , my boy has to use hot glue to fix it .

Alexander D.

December 23, 2021

I like the way this kit turned out a lot. The pieces are of high quality and fit together nicely. It’s a little above average in difficulty and you’ll need persistence to put it together. But once it’s tuned it works great. To summarize, you’ll need to a) add a guard rail to stop the ball bearings from occasionally exiting the spiral. You can use the left over original plywood cut out. Just find a 5” diameter guide pieces (I used 8mm film can) and use it to cut the outside diameter of the spiral. b) put a plywood wedge with 45 angle under one drop hole (finger points to location in photo) to kick the bearings forward and keep it moving c) add the correct number of spacer rings so the bearing drop freely between the plastic pieces and d) adjust the play in the flip-flop so it alternates properly. Mine works very well and people really like it as do I.

Olive M.

December 22, 2021

I bought this for my 42 yr old husband and he loved it. We've always loved the movie Fracture (with Anthony Hopkins) and the copper ball mazes in the movie. He put this together over 15hrs. He said, take your time, patience is a virtue. Also, this is the first one he's ever put together. We've made other things similar to this

Maxwell C.

October 14, 2021

This was a bit of a challenge compared to the others I've built. I'm sure some of you have already run into some build/design issues. One of the major issues was of the drop-down to the placeholder 'flags'. The problem was with the lack of speed buildup once the marble drops to the second level. There's not enough force to engage the flags in order to allow the held marbles to drop. After about 6 marbles there was enough force to push the flags. It just didn't seem right for this to happen. So after much thought and ideas I used a piece of 5/8's tubing in order to allow the marble to gain enough speed/force to hit the flags (see image). I superglued the top of the tub to the bottom of the top run. There were a couple of other issues but were insignificant. The manual had a few areas that needed zoom inserts to better convey the assembly. But overall I'm glad I bought this one. Much more involved that the other Marble Runs.

Joshua Q.

September 26, 2021

The soft balsa wood parts are easy to break if your not careful. The instructions are confusing at times. To get it two work properly I had to modify some parts. The part numbers are hard to make out on the grey painted sheets of parts which aids the confusion. With a lot of patience, you can make a working model."Brain teaser for kids", not hardly. Even though the parts are all laser-cut this really is only for a modeler experienced in solving construction problems.

Waylon H.

September 2, 2021

My dad used to build "puzzles" like this when I was a kid; I don't remember any of them being quite this fancy and deluxe though! Love the different shading, the contrast between the bare wood and the charcoal wood makes it not only look classy, but makes it easier to see all the intricate levels that your marbles run through! There's a really nice variety of slides & chutes & spirals to watch your marbles do, too, it's really cool.Building it is definitely complicated, but they have made it as clear & as helpful as possible! They include all the helpful tools you'll need, including a small wax stick that you will need OFTEN (though I will say a small emery board is far more effective than the little square of sandpaper that these things always include). It can be quite a challenge to pop out some of the pieces from the wood sheets; I recommend a very thin scalpel to cut the connections before attempting to push them out! I did wind up breaking a few pieces but they glue back together easily.Only complaint on this is that some of the pieces are a little warped. That always seems to be the case with these kits, but I don't usually worry about it because the issue usually straightens itself out once the pieces are all snapped together properly. Unfortunately, I should have worried about it more this time, because there are things you can do to mitigate the warping before assembly, and now it's too late! One of the very large, semi-circular pieces that keeps the marbles lined up as they go into the chute was bent, and while assembly helped, it didn't help enough, so now approximately every 1 in 12 marbles jumps out & goes rolling across the room. It's still cool to see the other 11 marbles.Bottom line is, it's really cool, fascinating to build, looks great when done, but if you notice a piece is warped, deal with it before you begin assemby.

Robert T.

June 24, 2021

Maze was fun to build. Took about 2.5 straight hours. Plenty of spare pieces in case any break or are lost.Edited: was able to.modify it to address the design flaw. Works well enough now! Old comment: Critical design flaw: the ejector at the top of the gear that brings the balls to the top of the maze does not work. Instead of the balls being pushed out of the gear and into the maze path, the balls stay in the gear and fall off the top of the structure. None of the balls even enter the maze. Kind of defeats the purpose of the 'infinite ball maze' when none enter the maze.

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