Little girl solving a book puzzle

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Have you ever heard of Fat Brain Toys? If not, you are sorely missing out on one of the largest developers of educational and entertaining children’s toys in the last decade!

Little girl solving a book puzzle

This company develops children’s toys designed to be entertaining but also educational. This combination provides children with hours of fun while developing their brain power and teaching them something about the world.

Want some help developing your children’s brain? These fun brain teasers will give them hours of entertaining and will also sharpen their brain.

Fat Brain Toys TobblesTobbles

Educational toys are not a new concept: in fact, many early childhood toys that you played with were probably educational toys in disguise. Fat Brain Toys strives to provide children with toys that are not merely educational tools but entertaining ones as well.

Children need education. They also need entertainment. Education without entertainment, unfortunately, often results in little to no absorption of information. It might even spark resentment of education in children.

Think of the child who laments that their science teacher is so boring. They probably won’t foster a love of science for very long.

Now think of the child who runs home, throwing their backpack on the counter, and pulling out a fun children’s science book that their teacher is having the class read. How about statements like this: “Our teacher had us toss around balls to depict the rotation of the planets!” etc.

Children who are being entertained while they are being educated are more likely to retain the knowledge that they receive. They will show a general love and joy for learning as well.

Popular Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys Kids Spinagain Toy Kids Spinagain ToyFat Brain Toys Tobbles NeoTobbles NeoFat Brain Toys MiniSpinny Mini SpinnyFat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set, 24 PieceSquigz Starter Set, 24 PieceFat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle - NEW!Personalized Name PuzzleFat Brain Toys pipSquigzpipSquigz

This company offers entertaining and educational children’s toys which range from more traditional toys, such as the ever popular Lincoln Logs, to newer toys that parents might experience for the first time.

One of their most popular toys is this spin again toy, which is not only lots of fun, but it will help your child strengthen their color recognition and motor skills, and keep them engaged for a long time!

Another favorite is their squigz toys: they help unlock children’s imagination and create a lot of fun. This deluxe version is perfect for families with more than one child: with 50 pieces, children can play together and collaborate.

The squigz games encourage creativity, fine motor skills, interaction and playful experimentation. Perfect for car trips, bath time, quiet time and more, the fat brain toys will keeps entertained and engaged.

These are just two of the hundreds of toys offered by this company. They have toddler toys that help develop logical power. They also have toys for pre-teens who may want to do their own science experiments or build a model rocket.

Fat Brain Toys offers a wide variety of entertaining, educational toys which are sure to spark the imagination of any child while allowing them to use their brain power to understand and learn more about the world around them. Children and adults can benefit from toys which are designed not only to entertain, but to educate.

Fat Brain Toys For Babies

Fat Brain Toys Pop and Slide ShellyPop and Slide ShellyFat Brain Toys Rollobie Baby Toy, BlueRollobie Baby Toy, BlueFat Brain Toys Klickity Baby Toy Klickity Baby Toy

Fat brain toys has fun and exciting toys every child should play with. If you need educational gifts for kids, fat brain toys offers toys and games that challenge and help learning new skills while having fun: from puzzles and brainteasers to magnets and bath toys. Their toys are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, graduations and just because.

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