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Our brain teaser book will provide hours of fun for the entire family!

Try Some Fun Brain Teasers For Kids

Brain teasers for kids ebook

Brain Teasers for Kids is the perfect way to challenge your children (and yourself!) to think outside the box. These riddles and brain teasers are appropriate for ages 7-99 and are a great way to spend a rainy day together, bonding and thinking logically to try to find the answers to some of the most fun brain teasers out there!

Not only will teamwork and laughter apply, but you and your family will also work on enhancing:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Logical Thoughts
  • and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Just when you think you know the answer, guess again!

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Will you trust your instincts or second-guess your logic-solving ability?

Find the answers together to Brain Teasers such as:

“Sara’s light switch is across the room from her bed, but on Wednesday she was able to switch off the light and jump into bed before the room got dark. How did she do this? Did she run faster than the speed of light?”

Sample brain teaser

You may think that you know the answer, but take your time thinking out all the possible answers and scenarios!

Brain Teasers for Kids is Kid Appropriate, Fun and Family-Friendly!

Rest easy knowing that each and every answer to the Brain Teasers are listed in the back of the book. Regardless of if you guess it or not, you will get the answer that you’ve been searching for!

Here’s what’s included in Brain Teasers For Kids

Brain teasers for children and adults alike

  1. Afraid Of The Dark
  2. Toy Store Purchase
  3. Could Make a Mess!
  4. Sweet
  5. Sharing
  6. Playing Alone
  7. Out To The Races
  8. One Side Or The Other
  9. He Bought The Farm
  10. How Many Boys?
  11. Keeping It All Odd
  12. Who’s Visiting?
  13. It’s a Race
  14. Unusual Addition
  15. Making Change
  16. Paint the Fence
  17. Tennis Serve
  18. How Many Ducks?
  19. Lots of Socks
  20. So Many Trading Cards
  21. The Big Dig
  22. Fresh Fruit
  23. Bike Ride
  24. The Hair Cut
  25. What’s correct?
  26. Family Numbers
  27. All Mixed Up
  28. What does it weigh?
  29. It’s a Cut Up
  30. New Door
  31. Number 9
  32. 3 Cent Stamps
  33. 28 Days
  34. A Strange Occurrence
  35. Have Some Fun
  36. How Many Hand Shakes?
  37. An Odd Bean
  38. Stand Behind Your Friend
  39. It Adds Up
  40. How Many Triangles?
  41. It’s a Race
  42. Buying And Selling
  43. How Many Squares?

Thena FI am so glad that I purchased Brain Teasers for Kids. My family and I are always looking for some fun and different to do when we are camping or sitting around talking, and this book has provided us with hours and hours of conversation, thinking and some pretty funny moments as well. My kids are ecstatic when they get an answer before I do! Worth the price for sure. Highly recommend! Thena F.


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