Xenops facts: animals that start wiht letter x

Xenops Facts – Animal That Starts With Letter X

Today’s animal is not very well known, but a cool little bird that deserves some attention. If you’re learning about animals that begin with X, this will come in handy. Here are some interesting xenops facts for you.

Xenops facts: animals that start wiht letter x

Xenops Definition

Xenops are small brown and tan birds with orange, tan and white markings. They have long flattened bills with turned up tips and long tails.

Xenops Facts

Where are They Found?

Xenops are found in rain forests in South & Central America, as well as in  Mexico.

What Do Xenops Eat?

Xenops eat insects which they find on bark, rotting stumps and bare twigs.

Where Do They Live?

They live in nests they make in decaying tree holes: they line up these caves with grass and other plant materials.

Fun Facts About Xenops

The bills of the xenops look as if they have been put on upside down.

Xenops Coloring Page

Children love coloring, and by giving them this xenops coloring page, they’ll remember what they learned about it.  Get out the colored pencils and let the kids have some fun!xenops coloring page

Learn about xenops with these fun facts and coloring page

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