Second Grade Science Projects

Second Grade Science Projects

Second grade children are very curious! Use their curiosity to help them expand their thinking skills. These second grade science projects, experiments and activities are a great way to encourage your second grade child to welcome learning and become interested in science.

Second Grade Science Projects

Fun 2nd Grade Science Projects

How Much Does It Weigh – Using simple bathroom and kitchen scales at home prepares children for using equipment in school to weigh and measure.

Potato Chip Science: 29 Incredible ExperimentsPotato Chip Science: 29 Incredible Experiments Surface Tension: Bubbles – Children can learn more about surface tension and about change just by blowing bubbles!

Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Doing simple science experiments at home can prepare your child to learn important science concepts—and the need to be patient.

Science Walk – Even a quick walk around the yard can provide many opportunities to introduce children to scientific concepts and processes by helping them to gain the scientific habit of observing what’s around them.

Friction Experiment – Use this activity to teach children about friction and lubricants.

Learning with Play Dough – Cooking with you and following the steps in a recipe is the perfect way for your child to begin learning how to follow directions and how to count and measure. It can also teach him how things change.

The Science of Bigger Bubbles – Easily create a bubble wand that will give you bigger bubbles and find out why it works.

Second Grade Science: For Homeschool or Extra PracticeSecond Grade Science: For Homeschool or Extra PracticeBubble Paper Prints – Blow some colorful bubbles and observe their characteristics on paper.

Bubble Shapes – Individual bubbles are always spheres. Learn how to use the properties of bubbles to make bubbles of different shapes.

Disappearing Color – This amazing science experiment will wow your child as the colors disappear right in front of their eyes.

Plant a bean garden – There is a lot to learn from planting a garden. Why do plants need sun and water and what do they do with them?

Color Science – You can show that two primary colors create a new secondary color by mixing paints. This activity show how you can separate secondary colors into the primary parts.

2nd Grade Science Projects

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