Cuddleuppets as seen on TV - adorable puppets that are blankets :)

Cuddleuppets As Seen On TV

Cuddleuppets are new blanket designs with double purpose. They allow kids to enjoy playing with their puppets and have a comfortable sleep friend at the same time. It serves as a great buddy during play times and a comfortable blanket during the night. These cuddleuppets as seen on TV have been very popular with little ones and parents alike!
Cuddleuppets as seen on TV - adorable puppets that are blankets :)
CuddleUppets Pink PoodleCuddleUppets Pink Poodle

Cuddleuppets – Blankets That Are Puppets

Cuddle Uppets, the perfect snuggle up pets, are made by the same manufacturer of Happy Nappers which has been popular for a while. Their concept was to create toy that was fun for kids, but a nice help to parents.

So, instead of just creating stuffed animal toys, they came up with the idea of turning puppets into a blanket.

The head of the puppet is a soft and large animal while its body, hands, paws and feet are spread into a blanket.

The Cuddleuppets blanket is 39 inches long and 28 inches wide, making it wide enough to carry your kids when they fall asleep during their play time.

Cuddle Uppets – Fun, Soft, Lovable – Get Your Favorite Here!!!

Cuddleuppets As Seen On TV Features:

  • Cuddleuppets blankets are available in 6 different animal styles with different colors.
  • You can do different tricks with your puppet: you can make it dance, talk, wiggle and more.
  • The blanket which is the body of the puppet is expandable.
  • The materials used are fuzzy and warm for comfort and support during bedtimes.

There are seveeal wonderful choices for Cuddleuppets:

  • cuddleuppets unicorn
  • cuddleuppets pink poodle
  • yellow puppy cuddle uppets
  • brown bear
  • green crocodile
  • purple monkey
  • blue elephant

Cuddle uppets are safe to use, and kids enjoy playing with its soft texture and warm support. If your kid falls asleep during playtime, you can use this toy to carry him or her to the bedroom. In addition, Cuddleuppets also serves as their playing buddy. They can use it at home or even during picnics.

Parents can also spend their leisure time doing their chores without worrying about their child. Cuddleuppets helps your child to be happy and active during playtime and provides enough comfort when they are sleeping. Due to these benefits, you can definitely say that Cuddleuppets is a wise purchase to make. You should also know that since Cuddleuppets is not available in stores, you have to place your orders online to get it. However, this is just easy and you can immediately have your own Cuddleuppets for your kids.

Favorite Cuddleuppets Blankets

Cuddleuppets Sulley Plush PuppetCuddleuppets Sulley Plush PuppetCuddleUppets Pink PoodleCuddleUppets Pink PoodleCuddleUppets Yellow DogCuddleUppets Yellow DogCuddleuppets: Angry Birds Plush PuppetCuddleuppets: Angry Birds Plush PuppetCuddleUppets Blue ElephantCuddleUppets Blue ElephantCuddleuppet from Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush PuppetCuddleuppet from Doc McStuffins Lambie Plush PuppetCuddleUppets Green CrocodileCuddleUppets Green CrocodileCuddleuppets Tigger Plush PuppetCuddleuppets Tigger Plush PuppetCuddleuppets Minnie Mouse Plush PuppetCuddleuppets Minnie Mouse Plush PuppetCuddleuppets Pink LadybugCuddleuppets Pink LadybugSnuggle Pets Cuddleuppets (Brown Bear)Snuggle Pets Cuddleuppets (Brown Bear)


These adorable cuddleuppets are the perfect snuggle up pets for your little one. Perfect to play with, carry in, sleep with and the perfect buddy!

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