Chimpanzee Facts For Kids

Chimpanzee Facts For Kids – Animal That Starts With Letter C

As you teach your child the alphabet, use the chimpanzee as an animal that starts with letter C. Here are some chimpanzee facts for kids: habitat, description, diet, etc. I added a chimpanzee coloring page and some toys too 😉

Chimpanzee Facts For Kids

Chimpanzee Facts For Kids

Chimpanzees physical description

Most chimpanzees are between two and a half to four feet tall.  Their bodies are covered with brown hair.  Their faces ears, and hands are either pink or black.

They have hands very much like those of humans.

Where are chimpanzees found?

When chimpanzees live in the wild they are most commonly found in West and Central Africa.

What do chimpanzees eat?

Chimpanzees are omnivores, which means they eat a wide variety of foods.  They eat different kinds of fruits, nuts and seeds, but sometimes  they also eat meat.

Where Do Chimpanzees Live?

My Life with the ChimpanzeesMy Life with the Chimpanzees Chimpanzees like to live in rain-forests but can be found living in other kinds of forests as well. They are found mostly in Central and West Africa.

Fun Facts About Chimpanzees

  • they live in communities or towns, just as people do.  These communities are made up of family groups
  • chimpanzees make and use tools
  • some chimpanzees that live in captivity have been taught to speak in American Sign Language (how cool is that!!!!). They not only are able to communicate with humans this way but have been seen teaching American Sign Language to other chimpanzees
  • chimpanzees live between 33 and 37 years in the wild, but can live a lot longer in captivity
  • some chimps love to solve puzzles (see study from 2013)

Chimpanzee Coloring Sheet

Since your child is learning about chimpanzees, how about having a chimpanzee coloring page for some fun and to solidify their new knowledge.
chimpanzee printable page

Want more coloring pages of animals? Here’s an anteater coloring page.

Stuffed Chimpanzee Toys

Kids will LOVE these stuffed chimpanzees: soft and cuddly 😉

Webkinz Smaller Signature - ChimpanzeeWebkinz Smaller Signature – Chimpanzee1212Aurora Plush 12 inches Chimp Tubbie WubbieAurora Plush 12 inches Chimp Tubbie Wubbie

Chimpanzee Facts

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