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Alliteration For Kids

If you want to give your child a head start in reading, you can help him develop strong pre-reading skills through alliteration. Alliteration for kids can turn into fun as you come across tong twisters: your little ones will LOVE it!

Alliteration For Kids

The following activities help strengthen your child’s letter sound recognition skills, which in turn helps them to become better readers in the future. Listening for and saying sounds will help your child to realize that all words are made up of a collection of sounds. This also gets them ready to match those particular sounds to the written letters, an important first step in learning to read.

The easiest place to begin learning about letter sounds is with the initial sound for words. Grouping together words with the same beginning sound is called alliteration.
Bashful Bob and Doleful DorindaBashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda

Develop Strong Pre-Reading Skills through Alliteration

The following are just a few of the alliteration activities that you can use to help your child develop this skill:

  1. Have your child recite words that begin with one particular letter. A good example would be to recite words that begin with the same first letter of their first name. So, if your child’s name were Colby, then Colby would recite words such as, “car, cat, cabin, cottage, cards, cart.” You get the picture. You would them have them recite words that begin with other letters that they are already familiar with, continuing this learning process. You could go through using the names of everyone in the family.
  2. A similar activity that will help your child is to come up with a silly phrase, all with words starting with the same letter such as with the letter “t”, “tiny tots tiptoe to the top”. Challenge your child to come up with the longest phrase of same first letter words that they can think of, making this a challenge can encourage them to want to do more, in turn, learning more.
  3. Another fun activity would be to name animals using the same first letter of their word, such as Chrissy the Cow, Zoey the Zebra, Alphie the Anteater. You can do this on dozens of different types of animals, helping your child learn a valuable skill. Making this into a game works well too, ask your child should the horse be named, “Holly or Molly” based upon the fact that he is to choose the name that begins with the same first letter of horse.

Books With Alliteration Examples for Kids

The Big Book of Absolutely Animalistic AlliterationsThe Big Book of Absolutely Animalistic AlliterationsAlligator Arrived With Apples : A Potluck Alphabet FeastAlligator Arrived With Apples : A Potluck Alphabet FeastWillie's Word World (Rookie Readers: Ready to Learn)Willie’s Word World (Rookie Readers: Ready to Learn)


Examples Of Alliteration For Kids

Here are just a few alliteration sentences for kids. These kids alliterations examples will give you a start. See what your kids can come up with.

  • bring the book to the bookcase
  • come and clean your chair
  • Gretta gathered green gumballs
  • Peter planted peonies in the pot
  • Larry’s lazy lizard lays like a lump

Alliteration Video For Kids

Would you rather see alliteration explained? Watch this short video:

Alliteration examples for kids

Here are a few examples of alliteration for kids. Click on the image to learn more about this fun way to prepare your child for reading.

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